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We will cut “sin” taxes on alcohol and tobacco that punish ordinary people and put money in the hands of criminals by driving consumers to the black market.
We will cut all foreign aid outside of responses to natural disasters and emergencies. Australia’s responsibility is to take care of Australians.
We will erase laws & practices that advantage people of a particular race above others. We are all Australians equally.
We will implement a practice of procuring only proven off-the-shelf military hardware for our defence force. Inefficieny and ineffective boutique designs have cost Australia tens of billions of wasted dollars and left us with hanstrung defence capabilities.
We will reduce the role of the ABC to being a regional radio service, which is by far its most valuable and cost-effective function. The billion dollar-a-year price tag of the current ABC is far too high and is larger than the GDP of some small countries.
We will cut red tape to make it easier and cheaper for Australians to do business. In particular we will amend public liability law to limit liability where reasonable care on the part of the plaintiff could have prevented the damage. This will make public liability insurance – a key “cost of doing business” – much more affordable.
Currently, there is a strong bias towards white collar education in our education system. Tertiary degrees are subsidised at a much higher rate than trade apprenticeships. We believe that Australia needs more plumbers and fewer gender theorists and will work to reduce this disparity.
Environmental conditions vary wildly by place in a country as big and diverse as Australia. Local people have the best understanding of their local environment. We believe that Federal and State Departments of Environment should be abolished and responsibilities devolved to local councils.

We will prevent employers from requiring doctor’s certificates for absences from work of less than three days. This will take stress off the health system and save taxpayers’ money from being spent on medically unnecessary consultations.
We will end subsidies for unreliable power generation like wind and solar and rebuild a cost effective and reliable electricity network based on natural biofuels (such as coal).
We will fight to save Australia’s live export industry and the livelihoods of the people who depend upon it.
We will abolish the “line” on Senate ballot papers and introduce optional voting tickets, which will make ballot papers smaller and more manageable and the voting process simpler and more reflective of the public’s true intent.